Nudism or Naturism

Who will soon discover in my writings that I use the words nudism and naturism (and their variants) interchangeably. Most Naturists will be a little hardline on definitions, and depending on which country you refer to, certain terms may be more preferred. For a general understanding I offer the following.

Both – One big misunderstanding is that neither Nudists and Naturists use their nudity as a sexual stimulation. Swinging, orgies, public sex and pornography are just not part of the lifestyle. Although both prefer not to be clothed, they realise that clothing is useful and proper for protection and climate.

Nudist – one who prefers to spend opportune times without clothing. Nudists typically just don’t like wearing clothes and will take opportunities to find places not to wear them. They may be home nudists, beach nudists, social nudists (attending clubs, swim nights, BBQs, movies, hiking and even cruises). Nudists typically will not have a “higher purpose” to their nudity. You’ll typically hear nudists talk about personal freedom and comfort as their motivations.

Naturist – as stated by the INF (International Naturist Federation) – “Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, linked to self-respect, tolerance of differing views togther with respect for the environment”. Naturism tends towards social, ethical and lifestyle ideals more than a Nudist. That doesn’t mean that nudists dont care, more so Naturists have these ideals as a motivation for their nudity. Naturists can hold a variety of values around exercise, diet, environmental sustainability, body acceptance, spiritual disciplines and growth. I intend to have a separate page on this blog with links to a number of Australian and International sites including some Christian Naturist sites and forums. I would place myself in the Naturist category.

Other terms who may hear are Clothes Free, Skyclad, Clothing optional (venues or events that allow clothed and unclothed).

Here is a link to a great podcast, I highly recommend this site, The Naturist Living show, and the audio podcasts it contains

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