Getting naked for God

Picture yourself as Isaiah…you have a pretty successful prophetic ministry going on, things are going well, and then all of a sudden God comes along and says, “Hey man, I’ve got a REALLY creative way to communicate what I am about to do next.”

Now I imagine Isaiah getting pretty excited about this until God says, “My creative way of communication includes you taking off all your clothes and walking around for three years.”

Personally—this is where my excitement would have ceased. Just being honest! Let me put that thought on pause though and ask this question: What if some of the bloggers that were around today would have existed back then? Can’t you just hear them now?

“I can’t believe someone who claims to know God would do something like that!”
“That is one of the most irreverent things I have ever seen.”
“There is no way he is a Christian.”
“There goes another one of those people who are trying to water down the word of God.”
You get the picture don’t you? BUT…(or I could say butt)…from the looks of things here—God is into communicating His word in a creative manner—and sometimes that communication goes against what the traditionalists would consider to be acceptable.

It’s funny—there HAD to be people taking shots at Isaiah, calling him all sorts of names—when in actuality he was one of the ONLY people in that time who actually heard the voice of the Lord.

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My morning meditation is importantnfor me as well. It is the place where I centre my thoughts for the day on Jesus Christ, my meditation consists of prayer, Bible reading and thinking on the reading, placing my hopes and goals for the day before Christ and allowing the enviroment around me (our trees, birds and nature) to speak of the wonder of Gods creation and my place in it. Meditation can occur anywhere at anytime, though my favourite places are on the beach and in the bush.



There is from to time to time discussions about the fashion of shaving our genitals. From some of my readings it started with the ladies in the late 80s, where most fashion issues start. Girls would trim and shave to allow them to wear bikini bottoms, hence Brazilians and waxing became popular. I’ve met first time female nudists who were shaved, some fully, or partial, even one who had a pattern in their pubic hair. Generally in the naturist life style there is no stigma attached to the shaved or unshaved. This would include shaving any body hair including female legs and armpits

I have shaven once, to try it out and form a personal opinion. For me, I’m staying hairy. The constant upkeep and itchiness drove me crazy. True it is as some nudists say that you become more sensitive to air and water, but I also found that my genitals felt the cold more.

So don’t feel pressured, if you want to try it go for it, the girls are already used to the routines of body shaving, but us guys tend to be a bit more lazy with these things.



Young nudist first time experience

When I look back on this nudist experience, it is not being naked that I really remember or keep with me. It was the fact that many people probably saw my body in its most bare and exposed state and I was not embarrassed or self conscious. I was comfortable with how I looked that day and this comfort has managed to stay with me since then. It was a liberating and eye opening experience, especially these days when body image is such a major issue that plagues our society.

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How do I start this lifestyle for myself? Part 3 – uncovered you

How improved has your sleep been since sleeping nude?

The next exercise is to do again when you are alone. I am hoping that you will find these alone times will give you the self confidence, not just in your body acceptance, but also in who you are. I’ve said it before, we are an integrated creation, our body, soul and spirit are linked and effect each other. When you are confident within yourself by being alone and comfortable with yourself you now have a place that you can come back too, thoughts and feelings you can recall when the world around us tries to push us into thoughts and behaviours we dont want to accept.

So today we are alone. Remove your clothing, put them away in a cupboard. Now I want you to walk out of your bedroom and into a different room (if neighbour visability is an issue you should close the blinds/doors first). Try to find a room with a comfy chair. I do want you to take one thing with you to this chair, a book, your MP3 player, your journal, your Bible or sacred scriptures, a comic or magazine, just one thing. Now sit down and read/listen. Give yourself at least 15 minutes. Get comfy as possible and let yourself get lost in this alone activity. Try to forget that you are naked, though I want you to try to remember how you are feeling, the enviroment. Are you warm, cold, relaxed. Can you feel the climate around you. This is who you are under your clothes.


I’m sitting at my dining room table at the moment typing this. I am unclothed with the doors to the outside open. It is raining outside, the sort of tropical drizzly rain that is fresh and so sticky. Even as I’m typing my body can feel every breeze, each droplet of moisture that floats on the wind. The gusts swirl around me, across my shoulders and down one arm. Theres another playing around my feet. A small chill attacks my chest and then is replaced by a calmness. The rain creates musical patterns on the iron roof. I would usually go outside on our veranda and stand in the rain when its as lovely as this, but I type.

Can you try to get lost in your activity whilst letting your body experience the climate around you.? How different is this to being clothed. Stripping away the pressure and demands of the world to discover who lays beneath the clothing, the job, the education, the talent, the wealth, the dreams and the expectations.

Perhaps all the new sensations you are feeling right now are distracting, the warmth of the sunlight through the window onto your breasts, the glow of a fireplace lighting up body parts you rarely see, the winter chill as the snow outside covers the land, so too does the chill cover you.

Many of us who have nudists for many years have become used to these feelings and the activities we do work hand in hand with our love of being fully in touch with the environment around us.

I hope these small steps, these trial experiences will lead you to want to let your clothes slip away to be functional items for protection (and of course being clothed in a textile world).

We can all be home nudists, from 5 minutes to 24 hours depending on our circumstances. But remember you are a whole being, your experiences alone now nude will be there whenever and wherever you go.