Social Nudity can restore confidence in yourself and relive any body image issues

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Social Nudity can restore confidence in yourself and relive any body image issues

Clothes are not needed when it’s warm. A healthy dose of nudism can actually promote a healthy body image.

Many teenagers grow up self-conscious about their bodies. They’re unhappy with their physically appearance. Some think they’re too fat. Although obesity is a problem in this country, you don’t want to be too skinny either. Unfortunately some teens’ body image issues can turn into eating disorders. They loose weight and still hate themselves.

Those that have body image issues always avoid being naked in front of others. This can even include close friends or family where nudity may not usually be such a strange thing. They wouldn’t dare be nude in public or visit a nude beach. However public nudity may just be the cure.

Nudism improves self-esteem. It’s truly an experience that lets you be free. Weather with your friends or hundreds more, everyone is nude. This may sound like a recent nightmare you’ve had, but in these satiations no one has anything to hide. It’s a time where you can be yourself, free from being judged by others especially when you’re probably not fat at all.

If you truly have a weight problem it should be treated a such, but I am saddened when I see young adults with eating disorders. Always eat and live healthy but no one should be uncomfortable with their bodies.

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