Can Being Nude More Often Help Body Image Issues?

The American psyche is battered by relentless media projections of what the “ideal” body should be. While women have been targeted historically, men are an increasingly lucrative playground for the industries that profit off of insecurity and self-hatred. reports that between 2009 and 2014 worldwide purchases of beauty products targeted to men will rise about fourfold from nearly $20 billion to $85 billion per year. In a 2009 follow-up to a 1984 survey about female body image, Glamour found that for twenty-five years, body dissatisfaction has remained steady across eras at 40 percent. Extrapolated into recent census data, this means that nearly 63 million women are unhappy based solely on subjective views about a vessel they cannot escape. As a result, the diet industry, which has a tremendous failure rate, flourishes with promises of beauty and happiness.

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Can Being Nude More Often Help Body Image Issues?


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