What I’d rather be doing

tumblr_m6ga2sV1PK1qf8ltko1_1280After a morning of cleaning up around the house, I took a small fall and hurt my back. I have spent most of the day laying down resting my back. I know I’d rather be at my favourite creek wading into the water and let the back stress be released by the water.

Oh to have water envelope me. The sea, the gentle waves lifting me, rolling me. Its like the energy of creation touching and lilting through every nerve ending. I feel the creators forgiveness, grace and love carry away all burdens, condemnation and fear. My saviour speaks to me through water, I am reminded of the power of baptism, the statement of Gods redemption of my total being, body, mind, spirit. So every chance I get, I cast of the outer garments and allow water to penetrate every pore, worshipping my Creator in openness, honesty and joy.(grasseynoel)

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