Psychology through Naturism

Psychology today often forgets its purpose as it focuses on making psychology more about making a living, an economic enterprise. Often the world of psychology finds itself battling its own shadow as competing schools of psychology vie for coveted endorsements of legitimacy. And in many cases, it devolves into nothing more than power and politics.

For my purposes here, I want to turn back the clock and the mindsets to the roots of our attempts to understand ourselves and others, roots which begin with a healthy appreciation of the body, the naked body, which houses our psyche.

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  • Sky Clad Therapist - The Naked Psyche

    As the title of this post suggests, this is going to be the first of a series of posts looking at the idea of Nude Psychology as a valid and perhaps healing psychology. As a part-time prof and psychotherapist, I want to approach this series of posts with more structure as if I was teaching a course called Nude Psych 101 at some college or university in the modern western world. If the idea of ever having nudity included in the world of psychotherapeutic work is to be realised, there needs to be a serious study of the nature of psychology in relationship to nudism and naturism. That there will be attempts to blend the two together without knowing what is happening to the human psyche of both the therapist and the client, and in the process there is likely to be harm done, unconscious harm. There have been brief…

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