How do I start this lifestyle for myself? Part 2 – under the sheets

So if you’re like most clothes wearing people (textiles) you have a set of pyjamas. Boxers, tshirt, nightie, and recent surveys show that some woman are so self conscience that they wear their bra to sleep. (Another topic Ill raise shortly)

So tonight, yes tonight, go to bed nude. If you are alone, just dont put your PJs on. If you’re with your partner and you’re self conscience, slip under the sheets and then slip off your PJs.

In Northern Australia at the moment we’ve just come through a heat wave of days of 40deg C and barely getting below 25 at night. I tell you sleeping nude makes a huge difference to your body comfort. In my opinion, when you’re whole body is exposed to a climate, your temperature senses get a truer measurement, not mixed messages of some exposed to exposed, some warm and cozy. I love sleeping nude, my body becomes much more comfortable because my body can regulate the temperature for the whole body. Even in our mild winter (0 – 2 deg C) I sleep much more comfortably nude and under a warm winter doona.

So tonight try sleeping nude, try it tomorrow night and the night after. Why not put your PJs into a wardrobe for seldom used clothes. You wont miss them.

Would love to hear some feedback from those who have tried this exercise. How did your partner feel about this new venture?

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