There is from to time to time discussions about the fashion of shaving our genitals. From some of my readings it started with the ladies in the late 80s, where most fashion issues start. Girls would trim and shave to allow them to wear bikini bottoms, hence Brazilians and waxing became popular. I’ve met first time female nudists who were shaved, some fully, or partial, even one who had a pattern in their pubic hair. Generally in the naturist life style there is no stigma attached to the shaved or unshaved. This would include shaving any body hair including female legs and armpits

I have shaven once, to try it out and form a personal opinion. For me, I’m staying hairy. The constant upkeep and itchiness drove me crazy. True it is as some nudists say that you become more sensitive to air and water, but I also found that my genitals felt the cold more.

So don’t feel pressured, if you want to try it go for it, the girls are already used to the routines of body shaving, but us guys tend to be a bit more lazy with these things.



One thought on “Shaving

  1. Natural just seems more comfortable to me. Shaving the times I have was uncomfortable and itchy. Thanks for the post.

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