Nude chicken run

Well it wasnt so much as a run but an opportunity to be nude at home.

Its another rainy warm day here in Brisbane, and with our two neighbours away I took the opportunity to do the “chicken duty” unclothed. Our home is fairly secluded from the neighbours, it means we can walk safely around most of our home without having the worry of neighbours seeing us.


The backyard is rather safe as well but out of respect for our nearest neighbour we don’t venture into the backyard nude all that often. Today however, with the light drizzly rain and a cool breeze and the chickens needed to be fed and watered off I went, sans clothes. Standing there in the rain, having my whole body washed with the refreshing water, I gave thanks for the handful of eggs and the bucket of homegrown vegetables.

Standing nude in the rain is one of those amazing times when I feel a special connection to my Creator, and thankful for the many freedoms and resources this amazing country has.

I did my duties and proceeded to walk but through the pathways I have made in our garden and the natural bushland that surrounds us. To feel the earth between my toes and the sky raining on the skin and the cool breeze enveloping me reminds me of my Creators love for me the amazing relationship I have with the universe.



About an hour after I wrote this entry, I remembered that I had left the feed bucket for the chickens down at to coop, so back down to the chickens I wandered. As I bent down to pickup the bucket I heard the crunching of leaves and caught some movement from the corner of my eye. As I stood up, there coming out of the scrub was a Golden Retriever dog closely followed by two people. Here I was nude, in front of two strangers calmly walking their dog through the ‘public’ bushland.

As they gazed at me I slowly shuffled towards the hen house hoping to cover at least the lower half of my body. “Nice day for a walk” the woman called, “and other things” grinned the male companion. “Dont worry about us, we’re just passing through” said the woman who I recognised as a neighbour from a few houses up the street. “Sorry” I replied, not shamefully, but out of surprise and sensitivity to their encounter. “Its fine” said the woman, “its your property” as she turned and headed up the small easement path.

I watched the, walk away whispering to each other, a nudge and a giggle as they disappeared. This left me wondering about public nudism and the possibility that we could be nude if we wanted as much as people could be clothed how they want to. Wouldn’t that be an interesting challenge in society.

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