The nude protest/cause

In Sydney yesterday over 650 people got their clothes off to swim in a race to raise money for the National Parks of New South Wales. Wonderful! You can read about it on yesterdays blog. It got me thinking as I was reading about the number of people who do not claim to be nudists, who for a good cause, would take their clothes off in public for the first time, why would they not continue this clothes free opportunity into their everyday lives.

Take the above example of a group of people protesting without clothes to raise awareness of climate change on grape quality in France. What is so special about public displays of nudity for the purposes of public cause awareness? Why would women in Egypt publically display their non public parts to call awareness to the struggles of women in that culture. Aliaa ElMahdy gained support throughout Europe for her protest with more women joining her.

The World Naked Bike Ride WNBR exists in many countries around the world to raise awareness to the dependancy on oil and our current car culture. This is one protest Id happily support if the ride in Brisbane was allowed, perhaps I’ll join the ride in Byron Bay next year.




Then there are a range of public events that have anude component to them. Burning man festival (USA), Confest (Australia), Sanfrancisico Bay to Breakers and Roskilt (Denmark), to name a few.




So people, especially 20-30s dont mind taking their clothes off for a special cause. I ask the question then, why dont they make it a fulltime lifestyle choice? I have no answers, but it encourages me that people are making themselves known that nudity isnt based on sex. In all these causes the offshoot is the cause of the naturist, that people, bodies and the enviroment are to be respected and that a nude human isnt a signal for sexual excitement.


I encourage you to join this cause, become free of your insecurities, fears, apprehension, whatever stops you. Find a nudist club, beach, social group. Ask questions, make a choice and join in the freedom and lifestyle that will forever change your opinion of your own body and self esteem.



3 thoughts on “The nude protest/cause

  1. Wile it’s true that “going nude for a cause” is excepted and even embraced my the masses ( Burrning Man),The reason it works as a protest is that to meny nudity still equels sex. And as western advertising has embraced Sex Sells!
    Maybe somewere down the line we may be allowed clothsfreedom and to be able to enjoy the wonderful bodies we are blessed with without shame. I think that we should just be nude for the sake of being nude, without agenda. Show nonsexual nudity and stop buying into the use of nudity (Sex Sells) as a sales tool. The human body is nobel above all else and should not be disrespected or comericalized!

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