These guys have great website if you are into Vegan cooking.

Naked Vegan Cooking

This past week our little site has gone viral again. According to our stats, we hit 2 million hits a while ago, and have been viewed in all but 15 countries in the entire world! Awesome!

A few weeks ago you might remember we were running a competition for the best crumble recipe. The winner gets their recipe in our new cookbook, along with a couple of free copies. We had a hard choice choosing between all the wonderful crumble recipes but had fun eating lots of crumble.

This lovely recipe came in second place, and comes from the lovely Catriona. Cause the recipe was so yummy, we are going to send Catriona a free copy of our body image anthology when it is printed (which should be very soon!). We will be announcing who came in first very soon!


Ingredients: 1/2 cup ‘Pure’ sunflower spread (I’ve found the soya spread…

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