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This might be a bit too confronting for some, but there are two websites that really focus on the more intimate area of the female body and the more obvious, vagina and breast. One of my female followers suggested I add these to my blog as a reference to those women who are afraid or perhaps disgusted with these areas of their bodies.

Labia Project

our breasts

Another Reason to let Pubic Hair grow

A few months ago, there were reports that the extinction of pubic hair might be fueling the disappearance of pubic lice. Those were subjected to a healthy dose of skepticism and rather quickly debunked.

Now we may have a slightly more unsettling notion: a purported rise in viral infections tied to shaving (and other hair-removal methods). The warning, published as a letter in a British Medical Journal groups’ Sexually Transmitted Infectionsrefers to molluscum contagiosum virus (MCV). The researchers refer to MCV as a “minor” STI (scare quotes theirs).

This particular virus is only sometimes sexually transmitted (in which case it’s called STMC). But there has been a rise in these incidents over the past decade,which spurred researchers to investigate. Of 30 cases of STMC that presented at a private French dermatology practice from January to March of last year, 93 percent were in patients who had removed their pubic hair.

The dermatologists saw 6 women, 24 men, and a bunch of lesions — which were “located on the pubis with extension on the abdomen in four cases and legs in one.” Six patients also had ingrown hairs. Four had genital warts, indicators of papillomavirus. Two had folliculitis, and another had a benign cyst. One had scars.

In 70 percent of those cases, the patients had used razors. From this admittedly small data set the authors put forward the idea that, “as MCV can spread by self-inoculation (eg, scratching, in children), hair removal (especially shaving) could favor its acquisition, propagation, and transmission.”

The microtraumas caused by shaving, clipping, and waxing are to Brazilian adherents what crotch-scratching is to children. Left untreated, MCV will usually go away on its own. But in the meantime, it presents as red, infectious bumps that probably work against whatever sexiness is conferred by the clean-shaven style.

Queensland Raw: Nude Beaches

An article from Queenslander Weekend on Alexandria Bay and the Nude Beach Olympics

“At Alexandria Bay, it took me a while before I became entirely comfortable with the whole nudity-en-masse thing. I’ve been happily naked in front of other people before—in change-rooms, in Tokyo’s traditional bathhouses—but being naked in the wide, spanning expanse of a beach is an entirely different prospect altogether. Those initial handshakes might have felt awkward, but everyone said that as a first-time nudist, it wouldn’t take long before I would eventually understand the appeal. Soon after, I ran into the ocean—partly because it was hot; partly because I wanted to hide under the water—but right after I hit the ocean, I felt like a kid again and the world seemed bigger somehow. Dive after dive, my head ducking under the waves and my pale bum—caked on with sunscreen and poking out of the water like a blinding double-moon—it felt great. In fact, it felt completely natural”

20130302-113448.jpg alex event alexandria_bay_australia

(images from Adam and Eve social club)

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A nudist lifestyle or an event nudist

I was recently chatting online with one of the blog followers and we started on the topic of what is the difference between those who say they have a nudist lifestyle and those who just go to nude events. I thought, great topic for a blog post.

Let me start with the easy one, nude events.

There are people who just want to attend nude events, such as swim meets, bike rides, hiking, cruises or live music. One might call these people recreational nudists, part-timers or once a yearers. These people probably arent nude at home or have regular outings to say the beach every 2 weeks. They dont typically see nudism as a lifestyle choice, as a way of living in respect for self, others and the enviroment. Sometimes this is a choice because they divide their home life and their recreational life. Home has clothes, work, family, routine. Recreation, for example has the yearly nude beach carnival at Noosa, or a Spencer Tunnick photo shoot, or a protest. For some its a choice from situation, living in shared accomodation or family arent supportive. Nude events are great for anybody to participate whether they are seasoned veterans, new comers, inquisitive or part timers. Nude events can be a great advertisement to the textile world and stepping stone for those who may then become full time nudists. I support nude events, bowling, sailing, skinny dips, fun runs, protests, artistic. To be nude for just recreational (or publicity) purposes has its place and I think its great. If you are one who just wants to go to the nude beach to build up their tan, go for it. I include toplessness for women in this category, though my personal opinion is that in a public situation, a women should be allowed to be topless wherever a man is.

Those who choose a nudist lifestyle may also not have the privelidge of being nude whenever they like due to home or work situation, but there is a mindset that nude is the preferable way to life, that people can live nude and perform most of their daily tasks and relationships without the hinderance of clothing. Being without clothes is more than just comfort for those who are philosophically naturists. Its connecting and communing with the whole environment, allowing all the body and senses to connect with spirit, sun, wind and earth.20130319-130830.jpg

So in my humble opinion, whether you just attend nudist events, or have a desire to live nude at every occasion, living without clothes brings so many benefits that I believe everyone, no matter your sex, size, career, income, colour or belief system can enjoy and embrace some form of clothes free living. Being nude frees us from the social stigma that different clothing brings. You can be standing next to a supreme court judge, a teacher, a low income family, doctor, bar attendant or even your local supermarket cashier. Clothes free breaks so many social barriers, try it, youll never know who youll meet because you wont recognise them by their clothes.

Pacific Sun in the sun

This is my first in a series of experiences at various venues and clubs for naturism around south east Queensland and north New South Wales

Ok, straight up I want to confess that Pacific Sun has a special place in my heart. Pacific Sun is the venue that I sort of grew up with as a young naturist. The place that helped me understand and embrace naturist and spiritual values as a lifestyle.
pacific sun website

It was last sunday, finally a beautiful sunny warm Queensland day, the day we’ve come to expect in a Queensland summer, but sadly has become a longed for day in amongst all the rain we’ve received over the past few months. The last time I had visited Pacific Sun was just before the 2011 floods, I expected some changes from what I remembered. I also expected that the flooding that occurred earlier this year to have effected the property and that repairs may still be ongoing.

The hundred plus acres of land has a tidal creek running through it. It also has some native wetlands and is about half native bushland. Upon arriving the evidence already showed that some flooding had left its mark. The wetlands were very wet, large ponds of water lay in amongst the paperbarks and reeds, and I was glad that I remembered my insect repellant.

The main private access road into the property used to be an airstrip. Its approx a kilometre long straight gravel road raised well above the surrounding wetlands. It also sort of acts as the front boundary of the property from public view, although Ive walked nude along this road when doing a circuit around the property. At the end of the airstrip driveway you turn a sharp left to travel a further kilometre into the property proper, past some revegitation areas of beautiful paperbarks and windmills that help pump the wetlands and control flooding. You drive past some fruit orchards and you see the main windmill and the first of the camping areas. The reception/ owners house is the first building you arrive at. You soon realise the desire of the owners to be off grid for needs of electricity and water. Large solar panels and wind turbines greet you at the house, plus the relics of machinery from the properties former use as a commercial farm.

Entry fees at the time of writing are $25 for an adult day/overnight pass. Im not sure of the need to formally register your details with the reception because this time I just handed my money over to James (the owner) and off I went. Previous visits required a check of my details, address, phone number and car rego. You do have to write your name on the whyte board outside the reception and rub it off when you leave. This I assume is in case of an emergency situation so they know who is on site at the time.

The first part (northern) of the property is mostly used for camping, its got sites for caravans and motorhomes, whilst the back end (southern) has space for tenting as well as the community kitchen, shelter and bathroom facilities. I had remembered that at one stage the bathrooms were divided into unisex and women, but at my last visit it is gents and women. I wonder if this is a reflection of moving from a fully nudist only facility to a clothes optional facility. My favourite spot is on the southern end just behind the community shelter. Its got lots of shady trees and is closer to the bushwalk area. I chose this area again because of the shade. Due to my work I really havent seen the sun since November last year, and ive become rather white. So a careful return to tanning is required.

Pacific sun has two “beaches”, actually just easy access to the creek for swimming. The main beach where there is usually a lovely stretch of white sand and the creek flowing on a curve around the beach. There is where I could see some of the damage from flooding. The embankment across from the beach had collapsed in places causing some large trees to fall across the creek. Again, it was really only a change from what I remember, if you were new to Pacific Sun, you’d think it was a normal creek setting. The main beach gives nice sun for most of the day on the sand, with some shady areas in the water under the trees. Its such a beautiful spot for swimming. You can wade out to the stronger tidal flow and depending on the tide float up/down the creek, or lazily sit in the shallows chatting away to the people you meet.

Dog beach is right up at the northern boundary. Sadly it had a lot of overgrown grass and some flood damage to the path. I walked through the growth regardless, meeting a young couple who were returning from their walk. When I got to the beach I could see the erosion of the embankment and fallen trees. I’m sure in time the owners will clean this up as nature returns it to its former beauty.

It was a quiet day, warm and perfect for my planned sitting, thinking, reading, walking and swimming. All this achieved successfully plus meeting few people who happily made themselves known. It was quiet perhaps because there may have only been 20 couples/families onsite. There was however some workers painting and cleaning up preparing for the Easter get together in 2 weeks time.

The bushwalks suffered a little, fallen trees and some minor flooding on the walking tracks. The extra pools of still water added to the mosquito problems, though as I said, I brought the repellant, and suffered no bites. I always see a large Goanna(lizard) he’s about 1.5 metres long and will happily walk amongst people. It was obvious that now we have some sunny days that the owners have a chance to clear fallen timber and long grass.

Pacific Sun will remain a favourite Im sure because Im a nature person who loves quiet and stillness. Ive had times where it was busy at Pacific Sun with sports and family noise, then other times (especially mid week) when it was just me and some residents.

So in some sort of summary:
Quiet, nature, wildlife, off grid, heaps of space, friendly people, caring owners, community kitchen and recreational shelter, mini tennis, large grassed spaces, bush walks, easy access from the Highway, secluded from public, clothing optional for new and trial nudists, well equipped showers and bathrooms, camping and caravan spaces, places for mixing with people or solitude.

No food outlets (though Donnybrook cafe is about 15minutes offsite), not resort living but is more camping oriented, a little more expensive than some of the other South-east Queensland venues

Pacific Sun is family friendly, safe for kids and a great place for newcomers to nudism. Whilst not a party scene for younger people, Ive met many teens and young adults who adore the serenity and natural settings.

Here in Queensland, from what I can research, public nudity is typically prosecuted under indecent behaviour laws*. So a quiet hour in your backyard to water the plants can be deemed indecent behaviour. A swim in the pool with a few friends can be deemed indecent behaviour and like our English friend, a walk across the country can be deemed indecent behaviour. No sexual activity needs to be performed for indecent behaviour to be asserted. Strange how a simple everyday activity can be qualified this way but so much sexual innuendo in TV advertising is released and gobbled up by the masses.

*I am ready to stand corrected by any Queensland law expert or Police officer on this ruling (you know who you are)

The Naked Truth.........


People’s reaction to the naked body in today modern world is strangely varied. Many people will see it as something to marvel, while a lot will squeal and squirm and shout and scream that it should be covered up. Being frank about it, it is disappointing and strange that people mentioned latterly should react like this, seeing how every human will either come as one or the other, all be it in different shapes sizes and designs. Normally when people choose to bare all and become naked, they do so either at home, at a club, on a beach or in remote countryside, away from all the hassle and fuss created by some members of the community.

Some folks however choose to live naked all the time and this according to the laws of the UK is not illegal. Well technically it isn’t, there is no law against being nude…

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