Wet wet wet

Its seems like my home city of Brisbane and the whole south east Queensland has had 2 months of continual rain. So Im sitting here on a perfectly good Saturday, the day of the Naked Bike Ride wishing for some clear weather and drying up of all the muddy and slippery conditions.


In Brisbane the World Naked Bike ride is a rather non event really with the Police saying no nudity, it defeats the purpose of a Naked ride. However Im sure in other parts of the country they are out and about pedalling their bikes clothes free and sharing the message of un sustainable oil reliance.



My real hope for today was to visit my old stomping grounds at Pacific Sun. Its the place I love. Lots of space, trees and a georgeous creek, though after this weeks rain, im sure its in flood. Australia seems to be divided in half at the moment. Half in flood, half on fire with bushfires raging through parts of Queensland and West Australia.

I was chatting to a friend, who is interested in nudism, I actually have about 5 friends now who have shown and interest and openess to naturism and the nudist lifestyle. So for the remainder of this summer, weather permitting, I intend to visit as many nudist clubs and retreat/grounds/facilities as possible and write something about them. Not a review persay, just my experiences and observations.

Next Sunday March 10 is the Alexandria Beach Nude Olympics. I hope to attend this event which has been on my todo list for 5 years. It seems to always get postponed due to bad weather and then get rescheduled on a work day, so I miss out.


So in the meantime, stay dry and clothesfree.

One thought on “Wet wet wet

  1. I hope you are able to enjoy the nude beach Olympics. I think that would be a very grand occasion. I hope you post about it!

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