Here in Queensland, from what I can research, public nudity is typically prosecuted under indecent behaviour laws*. So a quiet hour in your backyard to water the plants can be deemed indecent behaviour. A swim in the pool with a few friends can be deemed indecent behaviour and like our English friend, a walk across the country can be deemed indecent behaviour. No sexual activity needs to be performed for indecent behaviour to be asserted. Strange how a simple everyday activity can be qualified this way but so much sexual innuendo in TV advertising is released and gobbled up by the masses.

*I am ready to stand corrected by any Queensland law expert or Police officer on this ruling (you know who you are)

The Naked Truth.........


People’s reaction to the naked body in today modern world is strangely varied. Many people will see it as something to marvel, while a lot will squeal and squirm and shout and scream that it should be covered up. Being frank about it, it is disappointing and strange that people mentioned latterly should react like this, seeing how every human will either come as one or the other, all be it in different shapes sizes and designs. Normally when people choose to bare all and become naked, they do so either at home, at a club, on a beach or in remote countryside, away from all the hassle and fuss created by some members of the community.

Some folks however choose to live naked all the time and this according to the laws of the UK is not illegal. Well technically it isn’t, there is no law against being nude…

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