A nudist lifestyle or an event nudist

I was recently chatting online with one of the blog followers and we started on the topic of what is the difference between those who say they have a nudist lifestyle and those who just go to nude events. I thought, great topic for a blog post.

Let me start with the easy one, nude events.

There are people who just want to attend nude events, such as swim meets, bike rides, hiking, cruises or live music. One might call these people recreational nudists, part-timers or once a yearers. These people probably arent nude at home or have regular outings to say the beach every 2 weeks. They dont typically see nudism as a lifestyle choice, as a way of living in respect for self, others and the enviroment. Sometimes this is a choice because they divide their home life and their recreational life. Home has clothes, work, family, routine. Recreation, for example has the yearly nude beach carnival at Noosa, or a Spencer Tunnick photo shoot, or a protest. For some its a choice from situation, living in shared accomodation or family arent supportive. Nude events are great for anybody to participate whether they are seasoned veterans, new comers, inquisitive or part timers. Nude events can be a great advertisement to the textile world and stepping stone for those who may then become full time nudists. I support nude events, bowling, sailing, skinny dips, fun runs, protests, artistic. To be nude for just recreational (or publicity) purposes has its place and I think its great. If you are one who just wants to go to the nude beach to build up their tan, go for it. I include toplessness for women in this category, though my personal opinion is that in a public situation, a women should be allowed to be topless wherever a man is.

Those who choose a nudist lifestyle may also not have the privelidge of being nude whenever they like due to home or work situation, but there is a mindset that nude is the preferable way to life, that people can live nude and perform most of their daily tasks and relationships without the hinderance of clothing. Being without clothes is more than just comfort for those who are philosophically naturists. Its connecting and communing with the whole environment, allowing all the body and senses to connect with spirit, sun, wind and earth.20130319-130830.jpg

So in my humble opinion, whether you just attend nudist events, or have a desire to live nude at every occasion, living without clothes brings so many benefits that I believe everyone, no matter your sex, size, career, income, colour or belief system can enjoy and embrace some form of clothes free living. Being nude frees us from the social stigma that different clothing brings. You can be standing next to a supreme court judge, a teacher, a low income family, doctor, bar attendant or even your local supermarket cashier. Clothes free breaks so many social barriers, try it, youll never know who youll meet because you wont recognise them by their clothes.

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