” Naturism is a Great Thing “

The Naked Truth.........


Once more I find myself telling people that naturism is a great thing and how good it is now that the weather has turned for the better. I have to clarify too what naturism isn’t and why naturists should be respected just like every other member of the human race. I enjoy naturism, I love being naked, it makes me feel alive and most important it makes me feel good about myself. During the past few weeks we’ve managed to go for a couple of naked walks, been to our local club and also been naked at home too. Could I live a naked life ? Yes definitely…. Will I ? Probably not, because so much of society can’t handle seeing a naked body ,even though they’ve got one of their own, which they see at least once, every day of their life.


The perception of naturists as odd people…

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university president impresses art students

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University President Poses Naked, Art Students Impressed From china smack

Gather around and look! University president teaches class naked, the color drains from girls’ faces
This event happened at Sun Yat Sen Arts and Sciences campus. It is the absolute truth, unadulterated, and not muddled.

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Spring Ahead

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_8113Hot on the heels (and we do mean hot!) of an unseasonably warm December, here it’s early April and the mercury is already hitting 80 degrees. Ample reason to kick off our new season of topless sojourns in the sun a bit earlier than normal.


And if that weren’t enough reason (and it would be, believe me), starting early also gave us a chance to visit Central Park in the company of one of the nicest, most interesting people on the planet, the video blogger-diarist-documentarian known on YouTube as Beckie0, who is briefly in town from her native England. Hats off to Becca (though for much of the day she sensibly and stylishly kept hers on) for being brave enough to taste the New York sun in our company.


And what of the rest of us? Well, we met some new friends and cracked open some new books (including…

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A Gentle Murmur

Recently, I visited Japan. I celebrated my visit by getting naked in public. No, it’s really not as exciting as it sounds. My friend and I went to the Japanese baths, where I got dressed in a yukata, had my feet nibbled by fish, and generally felt spoilt and relaxed. Oh yeah, and then we got naked together and lay in a hot spring for a few hours.

I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. I was terrified by the prospect of getting my bare ass out in front of so many other people. The judgement! Not only everyone else’s, but my own. I am incredibly uncomfortable being naked. But, of course, no one gave a damn what I looked like when completely de-pantsed. It was very clearly not a big deal. Which prompts me to think – why should it be a big deal? Why do I…

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