A Gentle Murmur

Recently, I visited Japan. I celebrated my visit by getting naked in public. No, it’s really not as exciting as it sounds. My friend and I went to the Japanese baths, where I got dressed in a yukata, had my feet nibbled by fish, and generally felt spoilt and relaxed. Oh yeah, and then we got naked together and lay in a hot spring for a few hours.

I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. I was terrified by the prospect of getting my bare ass out in front of so many other people. The judgement! Not only everyone else’s, but my own. I am incredibly uncomfortable being naked. But, of course, no one gave a damn what I looked like when completely de-pantsed. It was very clearly not a big deal. Which prompts me to think – why should it be a big deal? Why do I…

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