Police investigate frolicking child

”When she got in the bath that night, she said: ‘I did something wrong, I’m in trouble’,” her mother Jessica said. ”This was a child in her element. Who could have complained about that? If she was in distress, sure, people should maybe call the cops then. She was totally carefree.
”It’s not long before she’ll lose that and become more body conscious.”
Chief executive of the Australian Childhood Foundation and registered psychologist Joe Tucci said raising community awareness about child abuse had inadvertently triggered ”widespread anxiety” instead of ”confidence”.
”In the past, adults would turn a blind eye. These days, more people respond … but not necessarily in a helpful way. In this case, the execution is not what I would have recommended.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/police-investigate-frolicking-child-20130504-2izt3.html#ixzz2SNKPBhhj

The Accidental Nudist / Shedding years of programming in one weekend Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/magazine/article/The-Accidental-Nudist-Shedding-years-of-2564633.php#ixzz2SJky5qhC

If they didn’t care, why should I? I strolled from the locker room jaybird-like, wearing only a towel on my shoulder, and nobody cared. Years of programming lifted and I suddenly got it: It’s just skin. Is there really that much difference between bare and a bikini? Is there a powerful underwear lobby? Is it really that wrong to iron naked?

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/magazine/article/The-Accidental-Nudist-Shedding-years-of-2564633.php#ixzz2SJlJJnNG

“My body can do amazing and destructive things. My body is not an ornament but an instrument. It allows me to give hugs, work hard, create, make love, play, feel nature, bear children, to dance. It allows me to live and to love and to feel and to experience.”

Project Naked

I remember as a child seeing my size 16 post-four-children mother lie reading on her side on the couch and thinking how beautiful her curves were. She was like a renaissance painting to me. Or when I was walking behind her up the stairs and was mesmerized by her swaying hips and voluptuous behind and thought to myself that I would like to be as beautiful as her when I grew up. But it turned out, I was wrong. That wasn’t the way she or I should look at all. Her mother before her was a petite, small-minded woman whose main aim in life was to be attractive, well-coordinated and to be the envy of others. Women who were not attractive were to be pitied and others who didn’t comply with fashion ideals were scorned. She constantly reminded my mom to suck in her belly and she put hairbands over…

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