Worried About Declining Numbers of Young Naturists? Maybe Try Befriending Some

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One of the things I read time and again on naturist websites, blogs and in magazines is the concern the older generation of naturists has that there are relatively few young people getting into the lifestyle socially, and the fear they have that naturism will “die out” as a result.

The majority of naturists are 40 and over.  Thats perhaps to be expected, as practising naturism socially is something that in reality requires a great deal of personal freedom, financial liberty and willingness to sacrifice other social interests in pursuit of a nude lifestyle – qualities more often found in older people than in younger ones, who are more beholden to families, work, textile friends and financial commitments.

There are plenty of other reasons why more older people than younger people become naturists, though – far too many to explore in one article, and so many diverse ones that it…

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Understanding nudists

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Understanding nudists


It’s difficult to tell whether naturism and the art of public nudity are declining or thriving.

Perhaps it depends where in the world you are.

Naked truth: Aging nudists seek new skin in the game as ranks dwindlereports that “[s]ince 2008, membership in the American Association for Nude Recreation … has dwindled from 50,000 to 35,000″.

But across the Atlantic the BBC ran a story claiming naturism numbers were up in the heatwave. However, Raising a toast to naturism at the Clover Spa & Hotel revealed that “Britain’s first naturist spa hotel”, set up in 2011 when the proprietor identified “a growing tolerance to nudism”, has been granted a liquor licence. Presumably now the “portly middle-aged men, arms dangling at their sides like waxed Neanderthals” can enjoy a tipple while naked.



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Taboos In Naturism

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(This is a response to the following article by Peter Terp: www.spotnaked.com/taboo-among-nudists-and-naturists/868/)

In his article, Peter identifies five taboos which he feels exist among naturists.  I’m going to give my own thoughts on the same five things.


Naturism and sex.  It’s a big one.  For decades, maybe even centuries, we have been given the idea by our society that the only time men and women are naked together is when they are having sex.  Naturists go against that idea; naturist men and women socialise together, nude, without any sexual act or behaviour taking place.

Of course, mainstream society can’t understand that, so they assume that naturism is a sexual activity.

Naturism isn’t sexual.  Naturists have broken that automatic link between being nude and being sexual.  To a naturist/nudist, having no clothes on does not mean a person is having or wanting sex.

But that is not to say…

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What Makes a Naturist?

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When I first got into blogging about naturism, I saw a friend get asked online how she could call herself a naturist when “all she does is go around naked at home all the time”.  The enquirer wasn’t deiberately being rude; they had the dictionary definition of naturist (“a person who goes naked wherever possible”) and also knew that lots of people go about naked at home without calling themselves naturists.  So they wondered what made my friend a “naturist” rather than just a “person who walks round naked at home.”

It got me thinking, what is that difference between a ‘naked person’ and a naturist?

Plenty of people have a casual attitude to nudity at home or elsewhere without feeling the need to tag themselves as naturists.  I remember an episode of the show Friends where Rachel and Phoebe discuss how if you live alone you can walk around…

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Advice for the Newbie Naturist

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If you’re interested in naturism/nudism and investigating it via the internet, you’ll probably find a few articles explaining what naturism is and how to get involved.  But you’ll probably still have quite a lot of questions and confused thoughts which won’t really go away until you’ve actually got into nudism as a way of life and have some experiences of your own.

The following guide is intended to be a little different to the usual “Tips for the Newbie” articles you will find.  But hopefully it will be helpful to you if you have made the decision that naturism is for you and you are now trying to find a place for that in your life.

So if that sounds like you, here are 14 tips you might benefit from reading:

1.  Ignore a lot of the images you see on the internet.

The internet is a wonderful resource for…

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Are You The One With The Dirty Mind?

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I was reading about photographer Betsy Schneider who has had her work banned because it is deemed offensive. Why? Because it depicts the development of her child over nine weeks as an infant.

My immediate thought was how can a picture of a new born baby be offensive? And then it struck me that it must be the people who complained who must have the dirty minds if they thought that a baby could be sexual.

I was reminded of a blogger who haunts my WordPress (he shall remain nameless – regular readers will know who I mean) and often condemns naturism for being sexual and evil and ‘not right’. And I thought, there are all these naturists, happily walking around with pure thoughts of clean air, sun, beaches, not focusing on genitalia or sexual urges. And there he is – holier than thou – thinking ‘You’re nude! Sex! Evil!…

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You can still go nude at Tyagarah Beach, councillors decide | Northern Star

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You can still go nude at Tyagarah Beach, councillors decide | Northern Star.




NUDE bathing looks set to continue at Tyagarah Beach, at least in the short term.

Byron Shire Councillors decided not to follow a staff recommendation to revoke a 1998 clothes-optional declaration.

Instead, a recommendation from Councillor Paul Spooner was adopted that will see the beach stay open for nude bathing while council investigates suitable alternative locations in the shire where clothes-optional bathing may be declared.










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” Why do people wear clothes ? “

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Why do people wear clothes ?

This question could have been asked yesterday or it could have been asked thousands of years ago and to be frank the answers can be so diverse. Clothing has existed since prehistoric times so no one these days really thinks twice about why we are all clothed from birth. People wear clothing for protection and if it’s cold outside; you want the biggest, warmest jacket in order to stay warm, so protecting you from the environment. Fashion is another reason but that depends on your style and your purse.


We also wear clothing for modesty, ever since Adam and Eve supposedly took a bite of the forbidden fruit, men and women have had a sense of immodesty if their bodies weren’t somewhat covered. People also wear clothing to show social status. Society perceives that those people who wear expensive designer brands to be high-class…

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