Are You The One With The Dirty Mind?

Naked Imp

I was reading about photographer Betsy Schneider who has had her work banned because it is deemed offensive. Why? Because it depicts the development of her child over nine weeks as an infant.

My immediate thought was how can a picture of a new born baby be offensive? And then it struck me that it must be the people who complained who must have the dirty minds if they thought that a baby could be sexual.

I was reminded of a blogger who haunts my WordPress (he shall remain nameless – regular readers will know who I mean) and often condemns naturism for being sexual and evil and ‘not right’. And I thought, there are all these naturists, happily walking around with pure thoughts of clean air, sun, beaches, not focusing on genitalia or sexual urges. And there he is – holier than thou – thinking ‘You’re nude! Sex! Evil!…

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