Taboos In Naturism

Get Naked, Get Awesome


(This is a response to the following article by Peter Terp:

In his article, Peter identifies five taboos which he feels exist among naturists.  I’m going to give my own thoughts on the same five things.


Naturism and sex.  It’s a big one.  For decades, maybe even centuries, we have been given the idea by our society that the only time men and women are naked together is when they are having sex.  Naturists go against that idea; naturist men and women socialise together, nude, without any sexual act or behaviour taking place.

Of course, mainstream society can’t understand that, so they assume that naturism is a sexual activity.

Naturism isn’t sexual.  Naturists have broken that automatic link between being nude and being sexual.  To a naturist/nudist, having no clothes on does not mean a person is having or wanting sex.

But that is not to say…

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