What Makes a Naturist?

Get Naked, Get Awesome


When I first got into blogging about naturism, I saw a friend get asked online how she could call herself a naturist when “all she does is go around naked at home all the time”.  The enquirer wasn’t deiberately being rude; they had the dictionary definition of naturist (“a person who goes naked wherever possible”) and also knew that lots of people go about naked at home without calling themselves naturists.  So they wondered what made my friend a “naturist” rather than just a “person who walks round naked at home.”

It got me thinking, what is that difference between a ‘naked person’ and a naturist?

Plenty of people have a casual attitude to nudity at home or elsewhere without feeling the need to tag themselves as naturists.  I remember an episode of the show Friends where Rachel and Phoebe discuss how if you live alone you can walk around…

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