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Last minute announcement: This coming Sunday, we’ll be at Sandy Hook beach with two yoga instructors from the group that I organized a few months ago. There are several yoga groups in New York City that practice yoga naked (see my review of Zensual yoga, for example), but my group started as much less formal gathering of friends; now it’s become a regular, weekly class with 2 rotating instructors and more visiting, and a dozen or so students, and we’ve even had a retreat at the Woods campground!

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I haven’t announced this group on this blog because it was meant mainly for friends, and it grew fast enough with word of mouth. During summer, we’ve been holding classes at the rooftop of one of us in Uptown Manhattan in the evenings. Well, the sky in Manhattan isn’t very starry, but even so it is pretty amazing to stretch…

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Christian and Happily Nude

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vis1Christian Nudist is many times regarded as a oxymoron. I’ve had people ask me how can you be a Christian and a nudist? Personally I think its very easy to be both Christian and nudist.  When Adam and Eve covered themselves it wasn’t because of nudity its because they were ashamed of their sin. Simple nudity is not sin or we could go in a steam room, shower at a gym or go see a Dr. Why is it OK for Dr. and nurses to see us nude because they went to college? Our society has created a unhealthy view of nudity, now always linked with sex to that point that breast feeding is frowned upon . Pornography and sexually explicit TV has warped the view of nudity to be ugly or perverted. We have been taught that different sizes, races  and aged bodies are gross and something to be…

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Nudism compassion and spirituality 

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Nudism, Compassion and Spirituality (via

A post I located on Facebook. (Copied here in full as not everyone is on there, and it’s too good not to share.) Nudism, Compassion and Spirituality Friends, wish to share some insights about Naturism and the spiritual values associated with it……


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What’s All The Fuss About ‘Go Topless Day’?

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Clearly I have missed something. What is all the fuss about ‘Go Topless Day’?

I had to check out the Wikipedia page to get some clarification on what the point of it actually is. According to Claude Vorilhon, the founder of ‘Raelism‘ (which incidentally is a UFO religion) which sponsors Go Topless Day: ‘As long as men can go topless, women should have the same constitutional right or men should also be forced to wear something that hides their chests.’

To be honest, I don’t actually see how this is an argument. It’s obvious why men can take their tops off, although many European countries still dissuade male foreign tourists with poor public etiquette from removing their tops in the streets (Barcelona and Venice for two). I think that as a woman who has just spent most of the last week naked at home, things like this go…

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