Ask an Art Model | AirSeaTraveler

Ask an Art Model | AirSeaTraveler

Have you ever had questions about what it’s like to pose without clothes, but never knew anyone you could ask? Or just couldn’t find the courage to ask? I’ve had quite a few friends who’ve wanted to know what it is like to model nude for art, or just wanted to clear up some confusion about what goes into art modeling.

So, I’ve decided to write a post on it, in the hopes of answering some questions and creating some amusement in the process. So with that, I present Ask an Art Model:

2 thoughts on “Ask an Art Model | AirSeaTraveler

  1. Excellent! I posed clothes-free for art students while an undergraduate at university. I look forward to reading your perspectives. Much love and naked hugs, my blogging buddy!

  2. This post is a reblog from one of those I follow, I have however found a place to model. My first gig will be on the 12th Feb.Thanks for following and encouraging

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