Queensland Raw: Nude Beaches

An article from Queenslander Weekend on Alexandria Bay and the Nude Beach Olympics

“At Alexandria Bay, it took me a while before I became entirely comfortable with the whole nudity-en-masse thing. I’ve been happily naked in front of other people before—in change-rooms, in Tokyo’s traditional bathhouses—but being naked in the wide, spanning expanse of a beach is an entirely different prospect altogether. Those initial handshakes might have felt awkward, but everyone said that as a first-time nudist, it wouldn’t take long before I would eventually understand the appeal. Soon after, I ran into the ocean—partly because it was hot; partly because I wanted to hide under the water—but right after I hit the ocean, I felt like a kid again and the world seemed bigger somehow. Dive after dive, my head ducking under the waves and my pale bum—caked on with sunscreen and poking out of the water like a blinding double-moon—it felt great. In fact, it felt completely natural”

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(images from Adam and Eve social club)

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Nude Beaches

In Australia at the moment its well into summer, here in the northern regions the tempuratures are getting quite hot, we’ve already had 2 days at 39degC (100F). This is the beach season for the majority of the population who live bear to the coast. Nudists and Naturists are not left behind. Our favourite “legal” nude beach is Tyangarah/North Belongil beach just north of Byron Bay in New South Wales. Its the closest nude beach to where we live, about 1 3/4 hour drive. There are no legal nude beaches in Queensland which is crazy considering the number of tourists who flock to our beaches. Noosa has a nonlegal beach which the local police turn a blind eye too as long as the nudity is kept non sexual.


Noosa (Alexandria Bay) hosts a large nudists beach carnival every year which attracts hundreds of people to play beach games, swim and meet other nudists.

As with any beach going, precautions are necessary. The usual sun protection and water are required.

New comers to naturism usually find the beaches are a comfortable way to start their public/social foray. Most beaches allow a certain solitude to allow you to get used to public nudity. You will get “hello, hows you’re day, great weather’ greetings from the other nudists, but it will be up to you how much you want to engage in conversation and activity with others. Usually within 15 minutes of arrriving, walking past nude people of all shapes and sizes, you’ ll start to relax and when you finally remove your clothes and hit the water, you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about and wish you’d done this sooner.

A word of caution, there are, like in all aspects of life, unsavoury characters lurking around some beaches. However these people are frowned upon in the Naturist environments are will quickly be moved on by the locals.