Naturism booms in France as young eager to ditch clothes – The Local

Yves Leclerc, the vice-president of French Federation of Naturism, said that young French couples with children were particularly responsible for the new surge in interest. “Young couples are attracted to naturist camping holidays because there is a far greater sense of family and conviviality in these spaces,” he told The Local. “The spirit of these campsites is far more about tranquility, security and conviviality,” he said, adding that the camps were an excellent place for children to play and learn. Many naturist holiday campsites are specifically family-orientated and provide a secure and communal environment as well as activities for naturist families, he explained.

Source: Naturism booms in France as young eager to ditch clothes – The Local

Queensland Raw: Nude Beaches

An article from Queenslander Weekend on Alexandria Bay and the Nude Beach Olympics

“At Alexandria Bay, it took me a while before I became entirely comfortable with the whole nudity-en-masse thing. I’ve been happily naked in front of other people before—in change-rooms, in Tokyo’s traditional bathhouses—but being naked in the wide, spanning expanse of a beach is an entirely different prospect altogether. Those initial handshakes might have felt awkward, but everyone said that as a first-time nudist, it wouldn’t take long before I would eventually understand the appeal. Soon after, I ran into the ocean—partly because it was hot; partly because I wanted to hide under the water—but right after I hit the ocean, I felt like a kid again and the world seemed bigger somehow. Dive after dive, my head ducking under the waves and my pale bum—caked on with sunscreen and poking out of the water like a blinding double-moon—it felt great. In fact, it felt completely natural”

20130302-113448.jpg alex event alexandria_bay_australia

(images from Adam and Eve social club)

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A nudist lifestyle or an event nudist

I was recently chatting online with one of the blog followers and we started on the topic of what is the difference between those who say they have a nudist lifestyle and those who just go to nude events. I thought, great topic for a blog post.

Let me start with the easy one, nude events.

There are people who just want to attend nude events, such as swim meets, bike rides, hiking, cruises or live music. One might call these people recreational nudists, part-timers or once a yearers. These people probably arent nude at home or have regular outings to say the beach every 2 weeks. They dont typically see nudism as a lifestyle choice, as a way of living in respect for self, others and the enviroment. Sometimes this is a choice because they divide their home life and their recreational life. Home has clothes, work, family, routine. Recreation, for example has the yearly nude beach carnival at Noosa, or a Spencer Tunnick photo shoot, or a protest. For some its a choice from situation, living in shared accomodation or family arent supportive. Nude events are great for anybody to participate whether they are seasoned veterans, new comers, inquisitive or part timers. Nude events can be a great advertisement to the textile world and stepping stone for those who may then become full time nudists. I support nude events, bowling, sailing, skinny dips, fun runs, protests, artistic. To be nude for just recreational (or publicity) purposes has its place and I think its great. If you are one who just wants to go to the nude beach to build up their tan, go for it. I include toplessness for women in this category, though my personal opinion is that in a public situation, a women should be allowed to be topless wherever a man is.

Those who choose a nudist lifestyle may also not have the privelidge of being nude whenever they like due to home or work situation, but there is a mindset that nude is the preferable way to life, that people can live nude and perform most of their daily tasks and relationships without the hinderance of clothing. Being without clothes is more than just comfort for those who are philosophically naturists. Its connecting and communing with the whole environment, allowing all the body and senses to connect with spirit, sun, wind and earth.20130319-130830.jpg

So in my humble opinion, whether you just attend nudist events, or have a desire to live nude at every occasion, living without clothes brings so many benefits that I believe everyone, no matter your sex, size, career, income, colour or belief system can enjoy and embrace some form of clothes free living. Being nude frees us from the social stigma that different clothing brings. You can be standing next to a supreme court judge, a teacher, a low income family, doctor, bar attendant or even your local supermarket cashier. Clothes free breaks so many social barriers, try it, youll never know who youll meet because you wont recognise them by their clothes.

Naturism: What Is It? website

Naturism is also about accepting yourself for what you are… A creature of Nature. It’s about not trying to fit a single perfect body type, but considering each and every person as an exciting and beautiful part of Nature itself. You really don’t need to be slimmer, or bigger, or rounder, or more muscular, or whatever else, to be accepting of yourself and to really believe that you truly are beautiful. Also… neither accidents, or surgery, or childbirth, or ageing, or even your place on the social register can or ever will change any of that.


A photo journal of Young British Naturists

“I was drawn in by the great equalising aspect of naturism. It is an interesting question how far people would retain their respective rank if they were divested of their clothes. When all other things are held equal, when nude, a rich person appears no different than a poor person, or a really fashionable person appears no different to someone who has to make do with the clothing they have. Thus, these classifications disappear and the playing field is levelled. In the naturist environment, I feel like I’m their equal – I’m not better than them, nor they are better than me, we are just human. By removing clothing I feel a barrier between people is gone and I’m more able to meet and to talk to others without the feeling that I or they have something to hide.”

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How do I start this lifestyle for myself? Part 1 Look at yourself

I have a few friends who are currently investigating the Naturist philosophy and lifestyle. I thought I might make it simpler for myself by writing down some ideas for how my friends could start the journey themselves. There are other great websites and blogs with ideas as well but here are a few of my thoughts.

Look at yourself. The shower/bath – as the saying goes, we are all nudists under our clothing, so why not extend your shower time to an extra 5 minutes in front of the mirror unclothed. Stop and look at yourself. If you have a partner with you, ask them to give you 5 minutes alone. Look into your own eyes, how do you feel looking at yourself? Extend your gaze to your whole face, is this person in the mirror you? Now extend your gaze to your upper body. For a male to look at his own chest is typically something that isnt an issue. Men are used to being shirtless on the beach and around the home, but women, look at each breast. If your not used to examining your own breast for lumps now might be a good time to start Breast cancer self examination link. Look at each breast, are they the same size, can you stare at your breasts without feeling insecure? (Men can do the same because there are cases of breast cancer in men )How are you feeling right now. If you keep a journal it would be great to write down your feelings and thoughts. If you are uncomfortable, leave the exercise for now and try it again tomorrow, and the next day.

The next time you can try to extend your gaze to your genitals, look and feel them. this isnt about sexual arrousal, its about discovering yourself. Try describing in words your body shape and size. Recite the description back to yourself as you look at yourself in the mirror.

If you have feelings of fear, anger, self loathing or shame, it might be worthwhile contacting a trusted friend, counsellor, doctor or Pastoral carer to talk these feeling through. I believe that if you can look at your body and know that you are created in the image of God, wonderfully made. You can feel better about the rest of yourself. Our bodies aren’t the most important part of us, but I believe we are meant to be whole in body, mind and spirit and the body image is attacked daily by media and advertising ( and friends) selling a false description of an acceptable body type.

Would love to hear peoples comments as they try this exercise.