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As women, how often do we really see each other au naturel and actually feel comfortable? When I was a schoolgirl in the U.S., I quickly mastered the art of changing my clothes in the locker room

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The Accidental Nudist / Shedding years of programming in one weekend Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/magazine/article/The-Accidental-Nudist-Shedding-years-of-2564633.php#ixzz2SJky5qhC

If they didn’t care, why should I? I strolled from the locker room jaybird-like, wearing only a towel on my shoulder, and nobody cared. Years of programming lifted and I suddenly got it: It’s just skin. Is there really that much difference between bare and a bikini? Is there a powerful underwear lobby? Is it really that wrong to iron naked?

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/magazine/article/The-Accidental-Nudist-Shedding-years-of-2564633.php#ixzz2SJlJJnNG

Queensland Raw: Nude Beaches

An article from Queenslander Weekend on Alexandria Bay and the Nude Beach Olympics

“At Alexandria Bay, it took me a while before I became entirely comfortable with the whole nudity-en-masse thing. I’ve been happily naked in front of other people before—in change-rooms, in Tokyo’s traditional bathhouses—but being naked in the wide, spanning expanse of a beach is an entirely different prospect altogether. Those initial handshakes might have felt awkward, but everyone said that as a first-time nudist, it wouldn’t take long before I would eventually understand the appeal. Soon after, I ran into the ocean—partly because it was hot; partly because I wanted to hide under the water—but right after I hit the ocean, I felt like a kid again and the world seemed bigger somehow. Dive after dive, my head ducking under the waves and my pale bum—caked on with sunscreen and poking out of the water like a blinding double-moon—it felt great. In fact, it felt completely natural”

20130302-113448.jpg alex event alexandria_bay_australia

(images from Adam and Eve social club)

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A nudist lifestyle or an event nudist

I was recently chatting online with one of the blog followers and we started on the topic of what is the difference between those who say they have a nudist lifestyle and those who just go to nude events. I thought, great topic for a blog post.

Let me start with the easy one, nude events.

There are people who just want to attend nude events, such as swim meets, bike rides, hiking, cruises or live music. One might call these people recreational nudists, part-timers or once a yearers. These people probably arent nude at home or have regular outings to say the beach every 2 weeks. They dont typically see nudism as a lifestyle choice, as a way of living in respect for self, others and the enviroment. Sometimes this is a choice because they divide their home life and their recreational life. Home has clothes, work, family, routine. Recreation, for example has the yearly nude beach carnival at Noosa, or a Spencer Tunnick photo shoot, or a protest. For some its a choice from situation, living in shared accomodation or family arent supportive. Nude events are great for anybody to participate whether they are seasoned veterans, new comers, inquisitive or part timers. Nude events can be a great advertisement to the textile world and stepping stone for those who may then become full time nudists. I support nude events, bowling, sailing, skinny dips, fun runs, protests, artistic. To be nude for just recreational (or publicity) purposes has its place and I think its great. If you are one who just wants to go to the nude beach to build up their tan, go for it. I include toplessness for women in this category, though my personal opinion is that in a public situation, a women should be allowed to be topless wherever a man is.

Those who choose a nudist lifestyle may also not have the privelidge of being nude whenever they like due to home or work situation, but there is a mindset that nude is the preferable way to life, that people can live nude and perform most of their daily tasks and relationships without the hinderance of clothing. Being without clothes is more than just comfort for those who are philosophically naturists. Its connecting and communing with the whole environment, allowing all the body and senses to connect with spirit, sun, wind and earth.20130319-130830.jpg

So in my humble opinion, whether you just attend nudist events, or have a desire to live nude at every occasion, living without clothes brings so many benefits that I believe everyone, no matter your sex, size, career, income, colour or belief system can enjoy and embrace some form of clothes free living. Being nude frees us from the social stigma that different clothing brings. You can be standing next to a supreme court judge, a teacher, a low income family, doctor, bar attendant or even your local supermarket cashier. Clothes free breaks so many social barriers, try it, youll never know who youll meet because you wont recognise them by their clothes.

10 misconceptions about nudism – repost


Many people have found nudism a great resource for freedom and relaxation. However, nudism (what some also refer to as naturism) is also one of the most misunderstood lifestyles among the general population. Lets take some time to explore nudism and break through the misconceptions many have formulated over time about this exotic lifestyle.

Young nudist first time experience

When I look back on this nudist experience, it is not being naked that I really remember or keep with me. It was the fact that many people probably saw my body in its most bare and exposed state and I was not embarrassed or self conscious. I was comfortable with how I looked that day and this comfort has managed to stay with me since then. It was a liberating and eye opening experience, especially these days when body image is such a major issue that plagues our society.

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Young naturist America

How do I start this lifestyle for myself? Part 3 – uncovered you

How improved has your sleep been since sleeping nude?

The next exercise is to do again when you are alone. I am hoping that you will find these alone times will give you the self confidence, not just in your body acceptance, but also in who you are. I’ve said it before, we are an integrated creation, our body, soul and spirit are linked and effect each other. When you are confident within yourself by being alone and comfortable with yourself you now have a place that you can come back too, thoughts and feelings you can recall when the world around us tries to push us into thoughts and behaviours we dont want to accept.

So today we are alone. Remove your clothing, put them away in a cupboard. Now I want you to walk out of your bedroom and into a different room (if neighbour visability is an issue you should close the blinds/doors first). Try to find a room with a comfy chair. I do want you to take one thing with you to this chair, a book, your MP3 player, your journal, your Bible or sacred scriptures, a comic or magazine, just one thing. Now sit down and read/listen. Give yourself at least 15 minutes. Get comfy as possible and let yourself get lost in this alone activity. Try to forget that you are naked, though I want you to try to remember how you are feeling, the enviroment. Are you warm, cold, relaxed. Can you feel the climate around you. This is who you are under your clothes.


I’m sitting at my dining room table at the moment typing this. I am unclothed with the doors to the outside open. It is raining outside, the sort of tropical drizzly rain that is fresh and so sticky. Even as I’m typing my body can feel every breeze, each droplet of moisture that floats on the wind. The gusts swirl around me, across my shoulders and down one arm. Theres another playing around my feet. A small chill attacks my chest and then is replaced by a calmness. The rain creates musical patterns on the iron roof. I would usually go outside on our veranda and stand in the rain when its as lovely as this, but I type.

Can you try to get lost in your activity whilst letting your body experience the climate around you.? How different is this to being clothed. Stripping away the pressure and demands of the world to discover who lays beneath the clothing, the job, the education, the talent, the wealth, the dreams and the expectations.

Perhaps all the new sensations you are feeling right now are distracting, the warmth of the sunlight through the window onto your breasts, the glow of a fireplace lighting up body parts you rarely see, the winter chill as the snow outside covers the land, so too does the chill cover you.

Many of us who have nudists for many years have become used to these feelings and the activities we do work hand in hand with our love of being fully in touch with the environment around us.

I hope these small steps, these trial experiences will lead you to want to let your clothes slip away to be functional items for protection (and of course being clothed in a textile world).

We can all be home nudists, from 5 minutes to 24 hours depending on our circumstances. But remember you are a whole being, your experiences alone now nude will be there whenever and wherever you go.