#GoTopless: Here’s Why Female Nipples Are Causing An Internet Storm (Nudity) – Collective Evolution

It’s GoTopless day and the debate continues over whether or not women should have the right to be topless in public just like men. “The more you repress a body part, the more obsessed you become about it,” president of GoTopless, Nadine Gary tells SFGATE. As it turns out the national protest event is the […]

Source: #GoTopless: Here’s Why Female Nipples Are Causing An Internet Storm (Nudity) – Collective Evolution

Naturism booms in France as young eager to ditch clothes – The Local

Yves Leclerc, the vice-president of French Federation of Naturism, said that young French couples with children were particularly responsible for the new surge in interest. “Young couples are attracted to naturist camping holidays because there is a far greater sense of family and conviviality in these spaces,” he told The Local. “The spirit of these campsites is far more about tranquility, security and conviviality,” he said, adding that the camps were an excellent place for children to play and learn. Many naturist holiday campsites are specifically family-orientated and provide a secure and communal environment as well as activities for naturist families, he explained.

Source: Naturism booms in France as young eager to ditch clothes – The Local

Why Nudity is Neccessary – M. Downing Studio

We need to know what average people look like. We need to know it’s ok to be ourselves and aim simply for happy and healthy. And we need to realise that there is more to learn about a person than what first meets the eye. It’s amazing that we are surprised by the shallow, make-up slicked, ‘selfie’ producing generation when we suggest no natural alternative. And on top of that, if we are born naked what is so wrong with it? It’s a real shame humanity has developed to the extent of being offended by its own natural appearance.

Source: Why Nudity is Neccessary – M. Downing Studio

The rules of going naked in public

“It’s very simple. Relax, take your clothes off and enjoy the wilderness or the company of fellow naturists. Don’t overthink it. Once we’re naked, we’re unified, there’s less posturing and ego and more accord.

“It’s a chance to really strip your life back to basics and feel free which in turn helps the mind let go of your day-to-day worries. There’s nothing nicer than being naked without shame — after all, it’s the most natural thing in the world.”

Source: The rules of going naked in public