A day at home

Today im stuck at home, waiting for work to call me in, sometime…….

I dont mind being at home because I am lucky enough to be in a place where I can be nude most of the time. Today however I d rather be at the beach


Or lazily canoeing

A short bushwalk

Or just doing something completely different

However Ill probably catchup on some sleep

Have a great day whatever you’re doing


You will sleep better

You’ll Sleep Better
While you might like being cozy and warm at night, it’s actually important to have a cooler environment when you sleep, says Lisa Shives, MD, who sits on the National Sleep Foundation’s board of directors. “Your body temp progressively declines as you sleep, which is a natural tendency of the body, so being too warm with heavy PJs and blankets can disrupt that.” Sleeping naked, she says, can help your body stay cool.

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